Will Gmehling & Anna Schilling

Molly Blume

Molly Blume

It buzzes and it beeps and goes pling
About parents, mobile phones and a daughter who takes action

Molly is really annoyed, her parents are addicted! Addicted to their smartphones. They stare at the screen all the time, never really listen to Molly and even miss the leopard cubs at the zoo. How she hates that!

Finally the time has come for Molly to take action: She locks her parents in the basement, without a mobile phone of course. It’s called detoxification. Molly has prepared everything perfectly, takes care of mum and dad through the cat flap and otherwise goes about her business. Lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds, thinking about the boy with the gap in his teeth, the untamed cat next door, about God and the world.

Will Gmehling has endowed his 9-year-old heroine with a strong sense of real life. Anna Schilling has congenially portrayed the amazing girl with lively coloured pencil drawings: wide awake, self-determined, wild and funny.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Molly Blume
Age 8+
68 pp | € 14
hc | 140 x 229 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author: Will Gmehling
Illustrator: Anna Schilling

All rights available


“What an imaginative child she [Molly] is is also made clear by the wonderful coloured pencil drawings by Anna Schilling, which bring Molly and her world to paper in a gaudy, inaccurate way, almost as if drawn by the nine-year-old herself. A book for all children from the third grade upwards who enjoy discovering the world.” – Eselsohr, February 2024

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