Yayo Kawamura & Harriet Grundmann

I Have to Go, said the Bear

When the bear said goodbye, everyone was at a loss.
Do you want to look for sweeter berries? asked the blackbird. Do you have an appointment? the dog wanted to know. Nobody understood why the bear had to leave, not even Bear himself. He wandered up the mountain, walked in the sun and wind, met the familiar and the new, woke and slept – and began to long.

But why, the blackbird asked him when they had found each other again, why did you leave? Now the bear knew the answer.

A story of setting out, of searching and finding in warm, sunny colors.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Ich muss los, sagte der Bär
Age 4+
32 pp | € 16
hc | 257 x 222 mm
Publication: August 2022

Author: Harriet Grundmann
Illustrator: Yayo Kawamura

Rights sold: Slovenian


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