Werner Holzwarth & Emilio Urberuaga

Croak, the Happiest Frog in the World


Croac was the happiest frog in the world.
He laughed when he dived and reached the bottom of the lake.
He smiled when he landed on his legs after a somersault.
And he shouted “Yippee!” every time he succeeded in jumping from one water lily leaf to another.

Until the morning when he met the stork …


Picture Book

Original title: CROAC la rana más feliz del mundo
Age 4+
32 pp
hc | 215 x 285 mm
Publication: November 2023

Author: Werner Holzwarth
Illustrator: Emilio Urberuaga

Rights sold: Korean


“A message of resilience and overcoming conflicts, starring humanised animals and signed by one of our great illustration geniuses, Emilio Urberuaga.” – Canal Lector

“A fun children’s story with which the first readers will understand that, even if they have physical problems, no dream is unattainable and they will be able to achieve it with determination and self-confidence.” – Anika entre libros

“An album with fun, brightly coloured, double-page spread illustrations, with nice details that visually depict the endearing story of happiness, disability, self-esteem and self-improvement.” – Lupa del Cuento

“Sometimes storks come and pluck things. You don’t have to be a frog. Losses come, disappointments come, frustrations come. And they come to make us feel that nothing makes sense and that we are worth little. But then Croac arrives and leaves us with a great reflection: what does it mean to be happy? How can we be happy? What if something we want is taken away from us? And what if we can’t always do everything right? This is a picture book with a simple appearance but a very powerful background that recognises pain, that embraces sorrow and transforms it into an opportunity.” – Carmen Mateo

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