Ondřej Buddeus & Jindřich Janíček

On Yer Bike!

Fahr Rad

“When it’s alone, it waits and acts like a sleeping animal. But when you saddle up, it suddenly has the power and lust for life that you give it.”

The bicycle has been man’s humble companion for more than 200 years, serving both young and old on their everyday journeys, but also for unusual journeys. But the most important thing is that it can give us a feeling of complete freedom. Perhaps because a person on a bicycle is only one pedal stroke away from taking off.

Where does the fascination and passion for cycling come from? What does it do to our bodies and our feelings, to our journeys through landscapes or cities? How did the idea of the bicycle come about, how has it changed the world and how can it still change it?

Told and illustrated with humour and enthusiasm, this is a book for cycling enthusiasts of all ages.

Karl Rauch Verlag

Non-fiction for Children & Young Adults

Original title: Fahr Rad
Age 5+
120 pp | € 25
hc | 190 x 290 mm
Publication: May 2024

Author: Ondřej Buddeus
Illustrator: Jindřich Janíček

All rights available


“You won’t want to put the book down and will give it to every child who takes their cycling test – so that they discover their love for bicycles and never give it up again.” – tz, Der Kinderbuch-Tipp

“Isn’t that great: one of the most ingenious means of transport has already been invented! […] In the endearing family book On Yer Bike, author Ondřej Buddeus and illustrator Jindřich Janíček make this clear to us once again in a most charming way.” – Freundin

“A must for cyclists and those who want to become one.” – Annemarie Stoltenberg, NDR

“They don’t conceal the dangers and pain and frustrations, but from the very first pages they contrast them with the greatest benefit that cycling has to offer […]: Freedom.” – Fridjof Küchemann, FAZ

“In my opinion, one of the best books of this year.” – Petra Schwarzová Žallmannová,itvr

“[…] it shows young readers that cycling is a great way to learn about the world, train the body and build healthier communities.” – Jan Lukavec, iliteratura

“In a great non-fiction book, Ondřej Buddeus and Jindřich Janíček explain everything children need to know about cycling.” – Fridjof Küchemann, FAZ

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