Kristina Andres

Come On, Let's Catch a Cook!

Los wir fangen einen Koch_hr

Stories to read aloud by Kristina Andres are always a a blast!
This time they are about about two really really bad robbers.

Greti and Jocke’s robber’s house stands in the forest under dense spruce trees. Lopsided and crooked, just as it should be. And because the two are robbers, they set off on a robbery from time to time. That’s what you call it when robbers go to work. Because their sack was huge and could hold a lot, they didn’t go robbing very often. Only about every three weeks.

That left enough time for all kinds of fun: Building an earth rocket, for example. Or celebrating night birthdays. Or beating each other up with clubs.
Fortunately, Greti and Jocke don’t live alone. A cat also lives in the robber’s house. She can hoover, boil milk and pick strawberries. And most importantly: bake pancakes!

Moritz Verlag

Story Book

Original title: Los, wir fangen einen Koch!
Age 5+
96 pp | € 16
hc | 194 x 247 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author & Illustrator: Kristina Andres

All rights available


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