Stories about angry clouds, adventurous nights, and thunderstorms in the belly

Kristina Andres has come up with new read aloud stories that are beautifully illustrated: They are about going into winter sleep in summer (with ice cream in the tummy to get ready for it); about an adventurous night on the lake (with a hungry campfire); about an angry cloud (with a lightning bolt that hits Grandma Wolf); about a thunderstorm in the belly (the perfect remedy is cheese cake); and about how to make a lot of money with little effort (using popcorn!). The stories the fox and the rabbit experience are packed with unusual ideas and they are a hymn of praise for life in the countryside: The bathing pond is gurgling, the bees are humming, and a butterfly is cruising. Simply magnificent!

by Kristina Andres

“Kristina Andres‘ stories are full of good humor, linguistic wit, rebellious ideas and the genuine love between friends.” – Susanne Rikl,


“Each of the short stories is full of warmth and wit. The illustrations are so funny, the characters so droll that you can‘t stop smiling.” —Sabine Wewerka, querlesen


“The chapters are perfect bedtime story length.” – Leipziger Lesekompass


“A story book, as one could wish: warmly told, full of wit and wonderfully absurd ideas that always sound very reasonable.” – Rosa Schmidt-Vierthaler, 

Moritz Verlag | hc | 64 pp |196 x 245 mm | 2017 | 6+

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.), Dutch, Russian


[original title: Donnerwetter, sagte Fuchs]

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