Thomas Müller

What's Sailing Across the Sea?

What doesn’t sail across the sea?
A board book full of ships of all sizes, designs and speed categories

For ten years, Thomas Müller has been letting everything on wheels whizz past us, from pedal cars to tanker lorries. Now it’s the turn of anything that can float: a barrel, a raft, a pirate ship, Noah’s Ark and a paddle steamer swim, sail, drift or row across the sea.
And they all have one destination: the quay where they are expected.

As always with Thomas Müller, it is a great pleasure to look forward to the passengers, the skippers, the rowers, the helmsmen and many others, because every one of his characters has its own individual character, expression and strength.

Moritz Verlag

Board Book

Original title: Was fährt da übers Meer?
Age 3+
28 pp | € 14
board | 217 x 178 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author & Illustrator:Thomas Müller

Rights sold: Danish, Italian


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