Rinsing pots, cleaning, washing-up, tidying away toys! Mum and dad have had enough of the mess. Kira and Niko don‘t mind the clutter and they think it‘s stupid to tidy up.

Then one day Robert turns up. He tidies up the children‘s bedroom, rinses the dishes and cleans the toilet. Mum and dad suddenly have time to play and read out loud. That‘s brilliant. But Robert is getting faster and faster. He takes the plates from the table before they are empty. And before the castle has been built, Robert already puts the bricks back into the box. That just won‘t do. Kira and Niko have to do something.

A story about the sense and nonsense of cleaning up.

by Katrin Dageför & Anna Schindler

Edition Pastorplatz | hc picture book | 34 pp | 210 x 240 mm | 2020 | 3+

All rights available, except for simplified Chinese


[original title: Robert räumt auf]

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