Fish Sammy and frog Ogi embark on an adventurous journey from the source of the river to the sea.

The two friends experience quite a lot of adventures along the way. They swim past mills, meadows filled with flowers and through a dark tunnel. Sammy and Ogi meet the squirrel, a beaver and the little chameleon and have to be very careful that they don‘t get eaten.

At the end, you can turn the book around and trace Sammy‘s ‘and Ogi’s return journey from the ocean back to the source. If you look carefully, you can find the fish and frog on each picture once again, well disguised.

by Katrin Dageför & Anna Schindler

Edition Pastorplatz | hc picture book | 34 pp | 210 x 240 mm | 2019 | 3+

All rights available, except for simplified Chinese


[original title: Bis zum blauen Meer]

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