Katinka Manzau-Feddern

Ophelia and the Moon

Bumblebees have dreams too. Can you imagine that?

Bumblebee Ophelia is very, very fond of dreaming and wonders night after night what it looks like on the moon. Ophelia has heard so many stories about the moon.

But none of the meadow dwellers has ever visited the moon. Surely there are the most beautiful flowers there, which smell so good that they almost make you dizzy.

Ophelia just has to find out whether this is true. So she decides to travel to the moon.

Edition Pastorplatz

Picture Book

Original title: Ophelia träumt vom Mond
Age 3+
34 pp | € 16
hc | 215 x 275 mm
Publication: March 2023

Author & Illustrator: Katinka Manzau-Feddern

All rights available


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