Brigitte Endres & Mele Brink

Dragobert of Crumblestone

The poor but brave knight George finds a dragon’s egg and takes it back to his castle of Crumblestone. He names the little dragon that hatches from it Dragobert and brings him up as his son. He is to become a knight one day. On his sixth birthday of all days, Dragobert is kidnapped by the nasty robber Raffzamm and taken to his robber’s den. There Raffzamm’s daughter Petronella takes care of him until the ransom is paid for Dragobert.

But the hostage-taking does not go at all as Raffzamm had imagined. Dragobert is quite a handful, and Knight George, together with his cook, servant and heiress, also interferes. And Petronella is not as bad as they thought at first. At least Dragobert thinks so …

Edition Pastorplatz

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Dragobert von Bröckelstein
Age 7+
112 pp | € 15
hc | 150 x 210 mm
Publication: Sept 2022

Author: Brigitte Endres
Illustrator: Mele Brink

All rights available excl. Simplified Chinese


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