Andrea Behnke & Mele Brink

Flower Sisters

Lilja’s mother is a flower photographer. Since Lilja’s father moved out, Lilja has the feeling that her mother talks to the flowers.
One day Reni moves in with Lilja and her mum for a few weeks during the holidays. Lilja does not know Reni and does not want to get to know her. When it turns out that Reni is also good at painting, Lilja decides to just not like her. But that is not so easy.

A story about jealousy and other feelings … but also joy about a blossoming friendship.

Edition Pastorplatz

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Blütenschwestern
Age 7+
80 pp | € 14
hc | 150 x 210 mm
Publication: Sept 2022

Author: Andrea Behnke
Illustrator: Mele Brink

All rights available excl. Simplified Chinese


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