Gallina is only colourful chicken among all the white laying hens. But instead of being a good hen and laying her eggs, Gallina asks un-comfortable questions like: What is the world beyond the walls of the stable like? Although the others are convinced that there is nothing outside of the chicken farm, Gallina will not believe it. Everyone is horrified when she begins to practic flying. But then comes the day when Gallina disappears from the tiny world of the laying hens.
A story for independent thinkers from the age of five, yho do not simply believe anything they are told, but prefer to get to the bottom of things themselves.

by Mele Brink & Brigitte Endres


“… important topics are effortlessly wrapped up in a beautiful story with cheerful images: The search of one‘s own identiy, courage and self-confidence, here and elsewhere.“ – Stiftung Lesen


“The author is known for her child-friendly stories that encourage you to think for yourself, not to put up with everything and to form your own opinion. She remains true to this […] and so here we have a wonderful picture book, which sends you on your way with a lot for life—in a humorous way and without any moralizing remarks.“ – Kinderbuchkiste, Anke Klepsch

Edition Pastorplatz | hc | 34 pp | 210 x 270 mm | 4+

Rights sold: Korean

[original German title: Gallina träumt vom Fliegen]