Katrin Dageför & Henrike Lippa

In the Deep Wide Sea


In the deep, wide sea,
… a bag fish swims around.

Have you ever heard of the bag fish? What is a can crab or a bottle fish? The sea creatures have a huge problem. The sea is full of things that don’t belong there. But who do all these things actually belong to? The bottle fish has the answer: the people! So the sea dwellers decide to take everything back. Suddenly the people are faced with a wall of rubbish. What now? What is to be done?

Edition Pastorplatz

Picture Book

Original title: Im tiefen, weiten Meer
Age 3+
34 pp | € 16
hc | 210 x 270 mm
Publication: March 2023

Author: Henrike Lippa
Illustrator: Katrin Dageför

All rights available, excl. Simplified Chinese


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