David Barrow

Have You Seen Dinosaur?

In this follow-up to the bestselling picture book Have You Seen Elephant?, boy, dog and elephant search in a dramatic cityscape for a dinosaur that’s surprisingly good at hiding.

Best friends boy, dog and elephant are VERY good at hide-and-seek. There’s a missing dinosaur in the city – who better to spot this elusive giant? They search the skate park, the museum, the subway…

No one in the city can spot the dinosaur, not even this crack hide-and-seek team. But delighted readers will be pointing “There it is!” from the first page.

This absurd, laugh out loud story is a long-awaited and buoyant follow-up to the international bestseller Have You Seen Elephant?, richly illustrated with David Barrow’s trademark beautiful use of light and color.

Gecko Press

Picture Book

Original title: Have You Seen Dinosaur?
Age 3+
32 pp
hc | 225 x 276 mm
Publication: Oct 2023

Author & Illustrator: David Barrow

All rights available, excl. Chinese & Turkish


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