Arne Rautenberg & Nadia Budde

This Day is My Friend

Poems for the good minutes

Arne Rautenberg puts all senses on reception, touches the long ears of rabbit and dog with nose and mouth. Inhale someone’s scent deeply: half of sleep, half of sand and full of the scent of the land of milk and honey! Good minutes decide whether a day is successful.

One minute Rautenberg circles around the quiet sensations, only to wake up little dreamers with ear-splitting drum solos the next minute  and make them laugh with freaky giant dinos in dinosaur cinemas.

Once again, Arne Rautenberg’s children’s poems – sensual and in love with language, enigmatic and silly – fire the desire for sound, rhythm and crazy ideas. Nadia Budde animates them with funny, quirky illustrations.

Peter Hammer Verlag


Original title: Dieser Tag ist mein Freund – Gedichte für die guten Minuten
Age 5+
48 pp | € 14
hc | 158 x 230 mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Arne Rautenberg
Illustrator: Nadia Budde

All rights available


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