Jan Kaiser & Maja Bohn

For Marylee

Mary likes her grandpa very much, especially the funny things he always thinks up for her. His neighbours do say: “The old man has lost his marbles”, but grandpa can reassure Marylee – as he calls Mary: He’s not only not lost his marbles, he’s a poet! And that’s true.

Grandpa has filled an entire notebook with funny poems for his granddaughter. And whenever he misplaces his book and finds it again – sometimes in the fridge, sometimes in the flowerpot – he reads a poem to her. About a lugworm in love, for example. Or about the coin-operated shower machine on an icy mountain peak. Always what suits Marylee best at the time.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Early Readers | Poems

Original title: Für Marellchen. Eine Gedichte-Geschichte
Age 6+
44 pp | € 15
hc | 185 x 265 mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Jan Kaiser
Illustrator: Maja Bohn

All rights available


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