Philipp Stampe & Dörte Horn

Happy Birthday, Digger Dan!

Let’s have a party, Digger Dan! 
As Dan rolls into the construction site nursery this morning, his friends are already eagerly awaiting him. Because it is a very special day today: It is Digger Dan’s birthday!

The mice have come up with a great idea on how to celebrate this special day—a treasure hunt, hooray! Dan and his friends collect clues and find all sorts of things for their special mission: Dan’s birthday surprise.A colourful new adventure from the construction site nursery

Lingen Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Bagger Ben feiert Geburtstag
Age 3+
36 pp | € 12.95
hc | 265 x 265 mm
Publication: 2019

Author: Dörte Horn
Illustrator: Philipp Stampe

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.), Korean


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