Mele Brink & Thomas Endl

Wherever You Want

Marie and Gustav really don’t always see eye to eye. When they find a ticket to Whereveryouwant in an old tramcar, however, they do fly to a jousting tournament, to the Emperor of China’s lantern festival and even to the Man in the Moon together.

But as soon as they start arguing about further destinations, they crash in the forest at night. All sorts of sinister riffraff now board the tramcar and also want to go on a trip – to Marie and Gustav’s world, of all places. Will it work out? In any case, one thing becomes clear: you can only experience the greatest adventures if you stick together!

Edition Pastorplatz

Picture Book

Original title: Wohin du willst
Age 5+
34 pp | € 16
hc | 210 x 270 mm
Publication: March 2023

Author: Thomas Endl
Illustrator: Mele Brink

All rights available


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