Night after night the night riders  guide the people into the land of dreams. But one starless night, the shadows turn up out of nowhere. They are fast, cunning and determined to destroy all dreams. The land of dreams seems to be lost forever. But the night riders bravely wage the unequal struggle against the shadows…

A poetic story for all those who still believe in miracles and dreams—gently told and magically  and luminously illustrated.

by Andreas Gaertner & Petra Steckelmann

“The picture book […] is a poetic treasure with an outstanding pictorial language, which, with a lot of imagination, poses the question about the importance of dreams, good sleep and time. It is an inspiring picture book, a gem also for adults, which has the makings of a classic! Ingenious and terrific!” – AJuM—Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kinderliteratur und Medien in der GEW


“It is very poetically narrated, yet contains a very exciting story. The illustrations are very artistic […]. It is altogether very magical.” – Familienbücherei


“It’s a wonderful book with a philosophical dimension, gently thought-provoking, and the reassurance that we can enter the land of dreams.” – X-mal anders sein—Blog

Edition Pastorplatz | hc | 44 pp | 250 x 190 mm | 2018 | 5+

All rights available, except for simplified Chinese

[original title: Die Nachtschwärmer]