Britta Bolle

I Feel ...
A Book on Empathy

Ich fühle mich

This book has no back cover, it just has two beginnings. It is written from two perspectives that meet in the middle of the book. Because what one person feels, someone else in the same situation may feel completely differently. Feeling the feelings of the other person, even though you feel quite differently yourself, is called empathy. Empathy is important between people. It helps us to comfort, motivate, love and get all that back.

In this book, the girl and the boy feel differently in the same situations. Despite these differences, they are best friends and belong together.

Edition Pastorplatz

Picture Book

Original title: Ich fühle mich …

Age 3+
40 pp | € 16,00
hc | 210 x 270 mm
Publication: August 2022

Author & Illustrator: Britta Bolle

All rights available excl. Simplified Chinese


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