Brigitte Schär, Heike Herold

The Christmas Party


At Christmas of all times, the triplets Lola, Linus and Levin have to do without their grandparents, who are on holiday recovering from looking after the children. Now the three children want to ask Father Christmas to be their grandfather, at least over the holidays.

On the morning of the fourth of Advent, they set off, alone. It takes quite a few mobile phone messages before the startled parents find their children again – and they cannot get over their amazement: In the festively decorated barn of their grandparents’s house, they find their children celebrating exuberantly in the midst of well-travelled guests from all over the world, from Swarten Piet to Babbo Natale, from Jul Tomte to Father Frost and the Snow Maiden Snegurotschka, surrounded by gnomes, goblins and elves … How exciting and mysterious!

Peter Hammer Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Die Weihnachtsparty

Age 6+
48 pp | € 14,00
hc | 150 x 230 mm                              Publication: 2022

Author: Brigitte Schär
Illustrator: Heike Herold

All rights available


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