Lisa Paul und Frau FischLisa is a single child. She has a good time with her mum and dad. But all of a sudden she begins to experience most extraordinary things and her mum expects another baby after all.

The oddities begin when Lisa’s teacher, Mrs. Fish, seems to be having a doppelgänger. With this look-alike, Lisa goes on racy drives in a red sports car, visits places where baffling things happen and even meets her brother Paul!

In this mysterious story everything bears a meaning: said red car, a shooting star, a mermaid, a competition, a modern children’s push chair, a brightly painted delivery van and a doll called Carola that turns into a child. While Lisa is waiting for her brother Paul to arrive, she increasingly understands how all of these puzzling things are connected. And then, at last, Paul is born.

Brigitte Schär narrates this turbulent story in such an enthralling and powerful manner that you believe every single word! And Jens Rassmus’ beautiful illustrations convey the touching side: the abundant love with which Lisa waits for her little brother.

by Brigitte Schär & Jens Rassmus

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 80 pp | 145 x 222 mm | 2016 | 6+ | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Lisa, Paul und Frau Fisch]