Philipp Stampe & Dörte Horn

Who's Yawning Here?

“Hello, I’m Digger Dan. Do you want to know how my friends from the construction site kindergarten and I fall asleep every night? Then take a look at this book. Maybe you and I like exactly the same things!?”

Find out how digger Dan and his friends Carla Crane, Willi Roller, Rudi Wheel Loader and Finn Fire Truck fall asleep every night.

The unusual idea of making an excavator the hero of the cheerful children’s stories has become a great success. The stories stimulate the imagination of young children and, with the cute digger Dan, offer a main character that is truly extraordinary.

Lingen Verlag

Board Book

Original title: Wer gähnt denn da?
Age 18 month +
18 pp | € 9,95
board | 210 x 225 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Dörte Horn
Illustrator: Philipp Stampe 

All rights available


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