Mele Brink & Andrea Lienesch

Apple Juice Thoughts


Oops! Just for one moment Jule wasn’t paying attention and dropped the cup with the apple juice. But why does everything actually fall down? And what would happen if things fell upwards instead? Jule’s thoughts begin to wander and behind each “what if” she discovers new, crazy possibilities. She is happy to think that the juice she dropped is now stuck to the ceiling instead of the floor. Of course, that would be quite impractical …

Jule gets to the bottom of everything in this style and
spins her “What if …” thread endlessly. The result is not only funny illustrations, but also witty mind games. People, who can crawl around on the ceiling like spiders, people with ears on their legs, as some spider species are said to have, or Dad, who would have to screw his glasses to his head without ears.
All these crazy ideas fire the imagination of readers young and old. This is a great book about the thoughts of a little girl who has an interminable wealth of ideas.

In addition to this there is also a little flip-book on the bottom left-hand side of every page: Jule with her overturning cup of apple juice and the few moments that last just as long as her wild thoughts.

A guide and invitation to thinking outside the box.

Edition Pastorplatz

Picture Book

Original title: Apfelsaftgedanken
Age 5+
34 pp | € 16
hc | 210 x 270 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Andrea Lienesch
Mele Brink

All rights available, excl. Simplified Chinese


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