Lars Meyer

After Dawn - The Hidden World

“Our life is not easy. But it’s the only one I know – now I’m afraid that even that might be taken away from us.”

The world is poisoned, in Dornwall the inhabitants have adapted to the inhospitable life. No one ventures out of the town without a protective suit, breathing filter and air tester. When the village is attacked by a steel colossus and enemy soldiers, 15-year-old Ember’s life changes overnight: the inhabitants of Dornwall are captured and Ember’s father, her siblings Mina and Ceren and her friend Ryan are also taken away – the Dawn Empire needs workers for the Wandering City. Together with five companions, Ember embarks on a dangerous journey with an uncertain outcome – she has only one goal in mind: to get her family back. But the price she has to pay is high …

“At school we were told that at some point there were several billion people using so many machines that the energy was no longer enough and all the fuel was eventually used up. That was the reason they started fighting. And then the world died. Billions of people. That sounds unimaginable to me. There aren’t even eight hundred living in Dornwall. And it’s one of the bigger cities.”

For fans of The Hunger Games, Vortex, Maze Runner, The Loop

Südpol Verlag

Young Adult Fiction

Original title: After Dawn. Die verborgene Welt
Age 12+
368 pp | € 20
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Lars Meyer

All rights available


“Lars Meyer convinces with tough characters, unexpected twists and a dystopian world that comes alive while reading” – Kilifü – Almanac of Children’s Literature 2022/23

“Threatening forces of nature, battles and persecution, but also cohesion and caring characterise the gloomy setting, which links various levels and arcs of tension. But moral questions posed by the first-person narrator are also woven in, such as about retribution, self-interest or prejudice.” – Monika Graf, medienprofile No. 1/2023

“This dystopian, poisoned world, simply a terrific setting, which I could imagine wonderfully thanks to many detailed descriptions. I went on a fascinating journey with Ember, marvelling like a little child, rooting along, fighting along and discovering so many new things that I didn’t want to leave.” – Lena Schröder, Fuddelknuddels Bücherregal

“Lars Meyer creates a world based on the consequences of our present. Which shows what man destroys and that humanity can still be found.” – Sandra Groß, Der evangelische Buchberater 01/2023

“Woah, I am flashed! You really read this book with your heart pounding with excitement. And from the very first page!” – Marsha Kömpel, Mutter & Söhnchen Blog

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