They are looking for you, they are hunting you, but you will get them …

The Great War dates back more than 20 years. Large parts of Berlin are destroyed and radioactively contaminated. 16-year-old Will manages to make a living as an illegal computer player. As one of the “Returns“—genetically optimised and sorted out because he didn‘t meet his parents‘ expectations—he has special talents. He is the leader of the Jaguar Warriors, a successful gamer clan, which has many  fans.
Together with other Returns and like-minded people he finds refuge in the ghost houses in the suburbs; always on the run from the security officers from Sector One. When three of his clan members are murdered, he flees into the abandoned areas, but the hunt for him continues until he finally faces the fight …

by Christine Ziegler

“This page-turner guarantees an exciting reading adventure and invites reflection on ethical and socio-political issues along the way.” – boys & books e.V.


“There is a lot on the table here: the consequences of war, “designer children”, the pros and cons of computer games, the division between rich and poor, but also love and friendship. The book’s greatest asset, however, is how much it manages to captivate the reader.” – Eva Maus, eselsohr No. 12/2018


“A great book for young adults with a dystopian background that offers exciting variety and good entertainment for both young people and adults. Well thought-out and multi-faceted protagonists keep the reader rooting for them, and then there’s an interesting background story about genetic manipulation and computer games, so there’s no chance of boredom here. Recommended reading!” – World of Books and Dreams

“On the one hand it is a prediction of the end of times, on the other hand it is a life-affirming book and more than close to the pulse of time. (…) read it!” – Nicole Katharina Timm, Goldkindchen-Blog


“Christine Ziegler manages to captivate the reader and lead him/her with her narrative language to another (perhaps not quite so far-fetched) world. You are kept at the edge of your seat and cannot put the book down.” – Misama,


“… exciting story that combines everything a good book should include: Suspense, a love story, hot pursuit, and a happy ending. In short: A book that, in addition to the fun reading entertainment, also invites you to reflect upon the current development of our society, the possible consequences and your own values. Definitely recommended!” – Buecherprinzessin123,


“What a great book! … The story of Will touched me deeply. Optimizing children is a contemporary issue. Kindergarten children already follow a full development plan, going from one therapist to the next and visiting various courses. Many parents would probably use a genetic engineering program and order their children. Do we really want that? Where is our humanity? Beyond these ethical issues, Jaguar Warrior is a captivating, thrilling story about professional computer gamers in a dystopian future.” – Karin, reviewer on

Südpol Verlag | hc | 352 pp | 2018 | 12+

All rights available

[original title: Jaguarkrieger]