Flora‘s ninth birthday is approaching. But instead of worrying about birthday wishes, her thoughts revolve around completely different things: The news is full of disturbing reports about the effects of climate change. Even the koala bears are threatened with extinction, it is claimed. “That won‘t happen“, says Flora‘s dad. But that doesn‘t make things any better. Flora decides it is time to do something and—with the courage and determination of a real pirate—she sets out to find like-minded people.

This is how a vague idea and a rather special birthday wish list soon turn into a real mission and Flora gathers a bunch of climate pirates around her who can actually make things happen with their ingenuity and commitment ….

Michael Roher takes care of a topic that will continue to be of vital importance beyond the current Covid-19 crisis. He does so without moralizing, but with some optimistic insistence and strong, bold colours that are worthy of a real climate pirate and her gang.

The book is part of the project www.klimapiratinnen.at

by Michael Roher

Luftschacht Verlag | hc | 28 pp | 200 x 254 mm | 2020 | 5+

Rights sold: Complex Chinese


[original title: Nicht egal!]