Good Night, Sleep Tight!

by Kristina Andres

Eleven and half good night stories with Fox and Rabbitnun-schlaft-mal-schon

Fox and rabbit lived far away, behind the mole hills, in a small yel-low house. If they can’t sleep, they count the good nights (335 in total). If they wish each other a good night, the rustling pear tree, the raspberries and the stars join in. If rabbit is ill and in his fever-ish delirium believes that it snows, then fox pushes him on his sledge through the cherry blossom ‘snow’ in the middle of Spring. They experience adventurous nights in a tent, transport fish in the kangaroo’s pouch and practice how to sleep like bats.

Kristina Andres’ good night stories with fox and rabbit are heart-warming. They tell of friendship, security, life in the country and have everything it takes to make this a favourite book!

Moritz Verlag | 64 pp | 190 x 240 mm | Aug 2016 | 5+

Rights sold: English (world)

[original German title: Nun schlaft mal schön!]





The Little Lion and the Little Clown

by Stefanie Schütz & Béatrice Rodriguez Der kleine Löwe

Whether you are three years of age or a big child: you will immediately take the little lion and the little clown to your heart! This lovely book includes eight little stories about the two children from the circus:

How the little lion once urgently had to have its hair cut, but couldn’t sit still because it simply tickled too much, how the two friends had the baby run away when they were meant to babysit, how they made friends with real robbers in the forest or how they travelled to Africa in a flying washing basket. And how they somehow always managed to be back in time for the evening performance—often with their new friends in tow.

The author creates a bright, free children’s world with her little heroes who approach the world with curiosity and full of confidence—whilst renouncing all pedagogical undertones. Admonishers, scare mongers and other spoilsports are nowhere to be seen. And when things get tough, the little lion and the little clown have a universal remedy: their wonderful friendship!

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 64 pp | 160 x 240 mm | July 2015 | 4+

All rights available

[original title: Der kleine Löwe und der kleine Clown]