When Mumps wakes from his winter sleep this year, everything is different: The Snowy Owl awaits him this time; she’s been his friend since Christmas. A Friend for the Spring! Mumps is happy. The Snowy Owl is very young still and comes up with lots of nonsense like: Rolling a camel into the snow with a snow globe, sledging down the hill in a bathtub, taking a shower under a melting icicle and finally celebrating a huge Spring party.

With the lively-whimsical Snowy Owl and the diffident Mumps Annette Herzog has created two heart-warming characters that are beautifully staged by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. At the end the reader almost wishes to be friends with Mumps and the Snowy Owl him-/herself, including joining the Spring party.

by Annette Herzog & Ingrid and Dieter Schubert


“Literary deceleration, the special in everyday life is celebrated […]. A bit nostalgic, heart-warmingly illustrated and worth reading (aloud), not only for the little ones!” – Stiftung Lesen


“Such beautiful, funny read-aloud stories that you feel sad when they have all been read.” – Sandra Rudel, Kilifü


“Cheerful and warm, playful and wise to life, the texts almost feel like sunbathing in Spring.” – Marlene Zöhrer, 1001 und 1 Buch


“An echanting story about the magic of friendship.” – orf.at


“A wonderful read-aloud book on the theme of friendship that skilled first-time readers can handle on their own.” – Buchprofile/medienprofile


Moritz Verlag | hc | 80 pp | 190 x 240 mm | 2017 | 5+

Rights sold: Dutch


[original Title: Frühling mit Freund]

The second title with these delightful characters:

Tomorrow is the Day, Says the Mumpf