Twenty-seven: that’s the number of letters that the Mumpf sent to his best friend, the snowy owl! For she traveled to the north because there is winter, even in summer. But then one day, the Mumpf discovers that his homemade mailbox in the forest is never emptied. The snowy owl did not receive a single one of his letters – won’t she think he forgot about her?

The Mumpf decides to deliver the letters by hand. But a trip requires preparation, packing, and most of all, saying goodbye to everyone: to the summery Mumpf forest, to the old mole, who wanted so badly to go with him, and to the friendly stoats. Not easy, the Mumpf realizes. And dangerous, too, remarks the mole. For what if the Mumpf encounters a Mumpf eater on his journey?

by Annette Herzog & Ingrid and Dieter Schubert


“With this story about the Mumpf, Annette Herzog has succeeded in writing a witty and clever book.” – Gerlinde Pölsler, Falter, Vienna


“When reading [this book] aloud, all the great happiness spreads out and makes readers smile at how easy life can be.” – Katrin Rüger, Bhdlg. Buchpalast


“This tale simply encompasses everything that belongs to a friendship: longing, fear, joy, trust and the realisation that there is always room for others in a friendship.” – Isabel Helmerichs, Buchprofile/ medienprofile

Moritz Verlag | hc | 72 pp | 190 x 240 mm | 2018 | 5+

Rights sold: Dutch


[original title: Morgen geht’s los, sagt der Mumpf]

The first title with these delightful characters:

Springtime With a Friend