Heike Brandt & Giulia Orecchia

Kaya Knows What She Wants

Children’s everyday life can be this exciting!

This is a book with nine stories about Kaya. And Kaya knows what she wants. A loaf of bread with plum jam, for example. A fried egg. Or a ride on her bike to the park, where you can find an undiscovered Easter egg in spring.

Kaya experiences many wonderful things, but there are also things that make her angry or sad. All her experiences allow her to grow, because luckily she has loving people around her who support and guide her with patience, imagination and humour.

Heike Brandt narrates stories very close to the child, and the Milanese illustrator Giulia Orecchia sensitively illustrates Kaya’s world.
Children of crèche and kindergarten age will immediately recognise themselves in Kaya’s daily life adventures.

Moritz Verlag

Picture Book | Storybook

Original title: Kaya weiß, was sie will
Age 3+
128 pp | € 18
hc | 246 x 194 mm
Publication: August 2023

Author: Heike Brandt
Illustrator: Giulia Orecchia

All rights available


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