Karin Koch

Lina's Secret

Lina’s life is upside down. First her best friend moves away, then there’s the matter of the embarrassing video. Everyone at school has seen it on their cell phones and it will make her look ridiculous forever. And when things almost can’t get any worse, a horn grows on Lina’s forehead.

A real horn, so big that it can’t be hidden. All the children point their fingers at Lina. Except Leo, but he is embarrassing himself and therefore doesn’t count. Even Lina’s parents are no help: adults can’t see the horn. Someone should understand that! Lina, at any rate, doesn’t understand any of this.

But the situation begins to change: Lina realizes that she is not the only one. That there are other children who need her. And that Leo is not the least bit embarrassing…

Karin Koch’s exciting story tells of how children get sidelined and how they find their way back into the community through their own strength and through solidarity with others who are also affected.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Middle Grade Fiction

Original title: Linas Geheimnis
Age 11+
192 pp | € 15
hc | 145 x 222 mm
Publication: August 2022

Author: Karin Koch
Illustrator: Magdalena Fournillier

All rights available


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