14-year-old Juni lives with her dad in Potsdam most of the time—fortunately! Her mother is a real control freak; there’s a fixed schedule for everything, there is no provision for leeway. Juni hates that so much!

And now she is to spend her holidays at her mum’s place in Berlin, because her father needs to travel on business. But then Juni meets Sahal, a refugee from Somalia, who is hiding on a Kreuzberg cemetery. Sahal is threatened with deportation, because the authorities consider him to be of legal age. On top of that he has been in touch with a criminal gang and Juni is certain: She must help him.

But the more she becomes acquainted with Sahal and his story, the further she distances herself from her beloved father and finally she also bunks off. It is a happy coincidence that she meets Karl, an old friend who offers her and Sahal shelter and to whom she feels drawn in an entirely new manner.

Karin Koch’s exciting story is borne by a refreshing, strong-willed protagonist who follows her instincts to help the person who needs her help against all opposition. Young readers encounter refugees just like Juni: In meeting someone of their age who is first a stranger and then a friend.

by Karin Koch

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 200 pp | 146 x 216 mm | 2017 | 12+

Rights sold: Italian (Beisler Editore)

[Original title: Am Freitag sehen wir uns wieder]