Sascha Mamczak, Martina Vogl & Katrin Stangl

Life Everywhere - The amazing coexistence of species on our planet

After their highly acclaimed book A New World, the dedicated duo Sascha Mamczak and Martina Vogl now turn their attention to another ecological topic: biodiversity. Preserving it is one of the greatest tasks facing humanity.

Exciting, clear and wonderfully descriptive, Life Everywhere conveys profound knowledge on how closely our human life is linked to the life of other organisms and how much this interconnectedness determines our survival.

At the same time, the book brings its readers into contact with other, carefully selected, life forms. Whether city pigeon, ghost-tailed gecko or coast redwood tree – the more we know about the intelligence and the perception of other beings, the stronger we develop a feeling for the richness and the striking beauty that the planet produces. And a sense of what it means to be something other than ourselves.

Life Everywhere is not a biology book. Rather, it combines scientific, philosophical, and political aspects and leaves us with a new awareness of a better life – together with all those who have the same home as we do.

Peter Hammer Verlag


Original title: Überall Leben. Vom erstaunlichen Miteinander der Arten auf unserem Planeten
Age 12+
approx. 250 pp | € 24
hc | 175 x 225 mm
Publication: September 2023

Authors: Sascha Mamczak & Martina Vogl
Illustrator: Katrin Stangl

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“A wonderful book that provides so much information and aha-experiences that you won’t want to put it down. […] After reading it, our view of our surroundings, of life within us and around us, changes. A worthy winner of the EMYS non-fiction prize in February 2024.”- EMYS Non-Fiction Prize, The Jury

“… not only a biology book, but also a philosophical reading book that cleverly gets to the heart of the complex subject matter. Best food for thought!” – Hans ten Doornkaat / NZZ

“Haunting and beautiful declaration of love to our earth and its diversity.” – Annette Dohrmann, ÖKOTEST Magazine

“Practising humility and respect for the otherness of all beings and gaining insights into the limits of our perception and the opportunities for connection – this is conveyed here in a uniquely exciting way. Absolutely for all ages!” – Susanne Brandt / ekz

“Knowledgeable, committed and constantly gripping, Sascha Mamczak and Martina Vogl succeed in making the earthly web of life – and our position in it – vivid and valuable. We’re in for a book prize…” – Sacha Rufer – Environmental Network Switzerland

“‘Life Everywhere’ can inspire young people as well as adults. It combines biological, political, philosophical and ecological aspects and thus offers a holistic reading experience.” – Angela Zemanek-Hackl, bn-bibliotheksnachrichten

“An extraordinary and superbly told non-fiction book.” – Sven Puchelt, Literadur

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