Alexandra Helmig & Timo Becker

Kosmo & Klax: Bedtime Stories

There’s always something going on in the happy world of Kosmo & Klax: whether it’s a night hike with a wishing star, the firefly dance in the tree house in the tree house or an evening flute concert.

Kosmo the squirrel and Klax the little red ball experience exciting and funny adventures. Together with Bibo Beaver, Lili Graumaus and many other animal friends from the enchanted parc, they teach children about the magic of the night.

Timo Becker has illustrated strong pictures to go along with the texts. 


Storybook | Picture Book

Original title: Kosmo & Klax: Gute-Nacht-Geschichten
Age 4+
96 pp | € 9.90
hc | 130 x 245 mm
Publication: 2016

Author: Alexandra Helmig
Illustrator: Timo Becker

All rights available


“The two so different friends – one round, the other bushy tailed – have the potential to become standard bedtime stories in many children’s bedrooms.” – Familie & Co

“The two heroes (…) fulfil what they themselves are looking for in 20 short stories: Wishing shooting stars are rising!” – Eltern

“Simply great, … whether as a book or a CD.” –

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