Dita Zipfel & Finn-Ole Heinrich & Tine Schulz

Bosco Turnip Races through the Year

Bosco Rübe rast durchs Jahr

Birthday surely is the best day of the year. And Bosco Turnip is looking forward to being four years old like crazy. Until then, a lot will happen in Bosco’s life, because Bosco is a wild little guy, full of ideas, nonsense and energy. He can be a baby duck and also a tiger. He bites the table with anger and flies to the moon with happiness. So, there’s a lot to tell.

After Sleeping like Turnips [Schlafen wie die Rüben], Tine Schulz, Dita Zipfel and Finn-Ole Heinrich continue to tinker with the cosmos of the Turnip family. This time we accompany Bosco Turnip, the smallest of the family, throughout the year. The best stories of an entire Turnip year take off in the kitchen or in the kindergarten, float through the garden, the streets and fly into space and back.

Mairisch Verlag

Storybook | Picture Book

Original title: Bosco Rübe rast durchs Jahr
Age 3+
80 pp | € 20,00
hc | 170 x 240 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Dita Zipfel & Finn-Ole Heinrich 
Illustrator: Tine Schulz

All rights available, excl. Portuguese & Spanish


“Dita Zipfel and Finn-Ole Heinrich are language artists and storytellers. In their books they celebrate life, even if it is not always funny. […] Worlds lie between a third and a fourth birthday, and that’s exactly what the crazy, funny, endearing read-aloud stories for everyone from 3 onwards that this book gathers together are about. […] What a gift.” – Christine Knödler, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Miniatures from the world of a three-year-old that should sound familiar to many readers, arranged in the rhythm of the seasons, finely observed and illustrated in bright green by Tine Schulz.” – Judith Scholter, ZEIT

“Heinrich and Zipfel have a son together who is not called Bosco, but is about the same age and as wild and as strong-willed as Bosco. He inspired them to write many of the read-aloud stories. Their chievement now is to render these stories not from the parents’ perspective but from the child’s, including all the irrational impulses and wild ideas, the adventurous sentence structure, the funny word creations. A book with a pace that the illustrator Tine Schulz also skilfully captures.” – Tobias Becker, Der Spiegel

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