Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker, Marie Bonnin

When Are You Coming, Papschku?

Wann kommst du Papschku

In the end, air and love remain
Grandpa Winnie is incredible. In his life he has set 857 records. Today, Grandpa Winnie is planning a new record: with the help of a potion, he wants to become the lightest person in the world, because his doctor has told him that he only has four weeks to live. 
This story about a special grandpa and his two grandchildren approaches the topics of death and mourning, saying goodbye and remembering in a wonderful, touching and completely new way.

Karl Rauch

Children’s Fiction | Early Readers

Original title: Wann kommst du, Papschku?
Age 5+
56 pp | € 20,00
hc | 170 x 245 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker
Illustrator: Marie Bonnin

All rights available


“It’s wonderful the way you write.” – Siegfried Lenz

“A moving (and beautifully illustrated) story about the unconditional love between father and son.” – Funke Media Group

“It’s great that the illustrations are so cool, with little colour, rather bluish. Very appropriate for the north, for the mood. They are pictures
of loneliness, boredom, tension, the journey. They show the length of time that must somehow be bridged.” – MännerWege


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