Agonisingly boring bedtime stories

Our everyday life is basically the same as Emmental cheese: a few holes here and there improve the quality considerably. Time to calm down. Time to just be yourself. Great people know how important this is once they have celebrated their birthday about three dozen times; or when they have been very, very exhausted; or if for some other reason they have been bitten in the leg by wisdom.

Grete represents the opposite program. The silent camel lady shuffles through her desert world in slow motion and forces her companions to listen, to listen to themselves, to imagine something, and slowly, very sloooowly wind down.

A decelerating bedtime story about being on the road and resting.

by Veronika Trubel & Isabel Pin


“An extraordinary treasure among good night stories.” – ekz


Karl Rauch Verlag | hc | 56 pp | 240 x 270 mm | 2019 | 2+

All rights available


[original title: Grete, das Kamel]