Wolf Erlbruch & Werner Holzwarth: The Story of the Little Mole – Slovenian rights sold (Mladinska Knjiga)

Karin Koch: See You Again Next Friday – Italian rights sold (Beisler Editore)

Will Gmehling: Outdoor Pool – Catalan, Italian, Korean & Spanish rights sold

Antje Damm: Little Fox in the Box – Korean rights sold

Lisa Maria Wagner & Andreas Thaler: Frida, Flii and Mo – Turkish rights sold

Katja Gehrmann: Town Bear – Polish & Spanish rights sold

Nadia Budde: Bristly Hair and I Don’t Care! – Dutch rights sold (Tiptoe Print)

David Barrow: Have You Seen Elephant? – Basque & German edn.

Sonja Wimmer & Susana Gomez Redondo: The Day Saida Arrived – English edn. (Blue Dot Kids Press)

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Megan Herbert & Michael E. Mann: The Tantrum That Saved the World – Turkish edn.


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Wie man mit dem Feuer

Soentgen: How to Philosophise With Fire – Chinese (simpl.), Korean edn.


Ina Krabbe: The Magic Pattern – Korean edn.


Hanna Jansen: Heartstones – German paperback rights

Jens Soentgen: Think For Yourself! – Chinese (simplified) edn.

Antje Damm: The Visit – Afrikaans edn.

So weit oben
Susanne Straßer: So Far Up – English edn. (world)

Nur noch kurz 3D
Jörg Mühle: Tickle My Ears – Japanese edn.

Jörg Mühle: Bathtime for Little Rabbit – Japanese edn.

Antje Damm: Waiting for Goliath – Slovenian edn. & English edn. (world)

Have You Seen Elephant
David Barrow: Have You Seen Elephant? – Dutch edn.