Frida, it has to be said, is rather small. But so are Flii and Mo. Flii is a little gnome and Mo is a whale, but he never really seemed to be able to grow much. 

The three are best friends and live together in their city. This city isn‘t really big either, but what is really special about it is that it is fully surrounded by a wall. This wall has been there ever since Frida can remember. Flii keeps ranting and raving: “How can you live like this! Nobody goes outside, nobody comes in!“

Frida also thinks that this is a pity. Doesn‘t anyone want to know what‘s behind the wall? The three friends‘ curiosity knows no limits and won‘t be stopped, not even by a wall, no matter how high it may be.

by Lisa Maria Wagner & Andreas Thaler


  • White Ravens 2019
  • Austrian Children’s Literature Award 2019


“This picture book, created in an unusually wide landscape format, combines collages and drawings. It makes clever use of changing perspectives and dares to create unconventional characters. Thanks to this, a classic topic in children’s literature is given a new, timeless look.”—White Ravens 2019


Luftschacht | hc | 36 pp | 290 x 185 mm | 2019 | 4+

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[original title: Frida, Flii und Mo]