Together, Pit and Pelle are big enough to do the shopping for dinner by themselves this time. They set off with dad‘s shopping list.

Pit pushes his little brother through the supermarket in the shopping trolley and Pelle manages to reach everything. When they are done with the list, they add all those things that dad had forgotten to write down. Chocolate flakes, for example. And a jar of small sausages. Liquorice and custard powder, light bulbs, honey, bath foam and lots of other useful things.

Their bags end up far too heavy, but Pelle has a good idea: Why carry dinner home first, they can eat it right here! Pit and Pelle will later explain to their parents in detail why they buried the potatoes and why they already had their breakfast too. But the boys do wonder why their parents find it so hard to understand.

by Susanne Göhlich & Stefanie Schütz

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 270 x 220 mm | 2020 | 5+

Rights sold: Russian


[original title: Pit und Pelle gehen einkaufen]