Like every day, perched on her tree house, a little girl observes the forest through her binoculars.

But look! A new strange tree is towering above all the other trees. But is it really a tree?

Intrigued, the girl sets off to take a closer look.

by Florian Pigé & Morgane de Cadier

A curious little girl, adorable rodents and an unexpected discovery …
Sometimes you don‘t have to go far to meet new people: there‘s a whole world waiting to be explored right next door! A unique picture book about curiosity of mind, which challenges us to surpass ourselves.

Maison Eliza | hc | 40 pp | 290 x 200 mm | 2021 | 3+

Rights sold: English (Blue Dot Kids’ Press), Korean (Montessori Korea), all other rights available, except Simplified Chinese

[original title: Juste pour voir]