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Wie man mit dem Feuer

Soentgen: How to Philosophise With Fire – Chinese (simpl.), Korean edn.


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So weit oben
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Nur noch kurz 3D
Jörg Mühle: Tickle My Ears – Japanese edn.

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Vor meiner Tür
Nadia Budde: Outside My Door on the Foot Mat – French edn.

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Have You Seen Elephant
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so leicht so schwer

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Helio con hache

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Bauer lr

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Nur noch kurz 3D

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Papas Seele hat Schnupfen

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So weit oben

Susanne Straßer: So Far Up – Dutch edn.


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Magisches Minus

Ina Krabbe: The Magic Minus – Turkish edn.


Ina Krabbe: The Magic Times Table – Turkish edn.

iX Mission Schrottplatz

Ina Krabbe: iX – Mission Scrapyard – Turkish edn.

The Visit

Antje Damm: The Visit – Danish edn.

 So weit oben
Susanne Straßer: So Far Up – Portuguese edn. (Brazil)


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Auf keinen Fall

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Außerdem Borsten lr
Nadia Budde: Bristly Hair and I Don’t Care! – French edn.

Teresa Martí & Pere Comellas: We have Won the Lottery! – Korean edn.

Bettzeit ists

Susanne Göhlich: It’s Bedtime! – simplified Chinese edn.

Bär macht schlapp_neu

Susanne Göhlich: Little Bear’s the Worse for Wear – simplified Chinese edn.

Schon wieder was 1 

Wolf Erlbruch & Jürg Schubiger, And Again … Something Else! – Spanish edn.

A Book is a Book

Jenny Bornholdt & Sarah Wilkins, A Book is a Book – Spanish edn.

Flosse Fell

Nadia Budde: Flippers, Fur and Featherbed – Polish edn.

La abeja de mas

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Werkstatt der Schmetterlinge

Wolf Erlbruch & Gioconda Belli: The Butterfly Workshop – Greek edn.

Mrs Mos Monster

Paul Beavis, Mrs. Mo’s Monster – Catalan, Danish and Spanish edn.

Nur noch kurz die Ohren

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Der Besuch_final




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So weit oben

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Borsten new

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