Andrea Poßberg & Corinna Böckman

The Green Pirates - Monkey Business at the Chicken Farm

The Green Pirates – daring mission in the chicken coop

The Green Pirates – that’s what friends Pauline, Ben, Flora, Lennart, and Jannik call themselves. Wherever they intervene to protect the environment, they leave behind their signature: a green skull …

By happenstance, Ben and Flora cast a glance into the pen of “A Chicken’s Paradise“, a chicken yard where hundreds of chickens are crammed in tight spaces. The Green Pirates are appalled and want to do something about the situation: They build a protest-mobile and choose to demonstrate in the pedestrian area in front of the supermarket against the cruel living conditions of the chickens. But then someone destroys their protest-mobile and all the eggs disappear from the supermarket.

What is really going on here? And who is behind it? The Green Pirates begin to lie in wait…

Südpol Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Die Grünen Piraten – Krumme Tour auf dem Hühnerhof
Age 8+
144 pp | € 14
hc | 148 x 210 mm
Publication: 2022
(new & extended edition)

Author: Andrea Poßberg
Illustrator: Corinna Böckmann

All rights available


“Intensive livestock farming is just one of the topics that the “Green Pirates” take up and courageously tackle in their (book) adventures. Told in an exciting way, in short chapters, with lots of black and white illustrations, the gang missions combine reading fun and factual information and make you think.” – Stiftung Lesen

“The latest volume in the successful environmental series combines suspense and wit with interesting factual knowledge. This is good, age-appropriate entertainment with a learning effect.” –
Sonja Fuchs, Library Office of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland

“Not only in Great Britain or Scandinavia are there clever children who solve criminal cases. The likeable “Green Pirates” also get on the trail of many an environmental scandal. How they go about it in their resourceful way is great reading fun! At the same time, children learn a lot about certain environmental issues in a very entertaining way in this new crime story.” – Christa Robbers, KidsBestBooks

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