Nicolas Gorny & David Füleki

Detective Agency Creep & Co.: Danger! Space Goo

Secret Service … Aliens … Highest Alert Level—This is serious stuff!

Rocko Grusel and Luis Zack—experts in spooky matters of all kinds—one evening observe how a large meteorite hurtles
down to earth and shortly afterwards a glistening column of fire shoots up. Clearly, Rocko and Luis must investigate what‘s going on.

In the forest they come across a mysterious flying object. On board there is one of the most dangerous creatures in the
entire universe with an insatiable appetite for EVERYTHING! The entire planet is in danger …

Südpol Verlag

Early Readers

Original title: Detektivbüro Grusel & Co. – Achtung! Weltraum-Glibber

Age 7+
120 pp | € 13
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: 2021

Author: Nicolas Gorny
Illustrator: David Füleki

All rights available


“The varied layout, the constant change between light and dark, the many fast-paced, comic-like illustrations, short chapters and a quirky story: presentation and content fit together perfectly and are oriented towards the media preferences of the target group.” – The Jury, Leipzig Reading Compass, 2022

“Loaded with wit, action and great characters […] Imaginatively twisted: a cosmic-glorious feel-good book.” – Janet Blume,

“Who needs the “Men in Black” when Rocko and Luis are on hand? Nicolas Gorny has created an exciting detective story for early readers in “Detective Agency Creep & Co” that will have even young kids share in the thrill.” –
Marsha, Mutter&Söhnchen Blog

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