Nicolas Gorny & David Füleki

Detective Agency Creep & Co.: Caution! Ghost Glue

Rocko Grusel and Luis Zack are the experts for spooky matters of all kinds.

A new case for the two detectives Rocko Grusel and Luis Zack: hotel manager Schnörkel fears that his house is haunted and asks the detective agency Creep & Co for expert help.

No big deal for Rocko and Luis, because ghosts react extremely sensitively to carbonated mineral water and can be driven away with it. But then Luis suddenly disappears and only a piece of sticky ghost glue remains on the ground. Together with school reporter Elif, Rocko investigates the matter and an action-packed rescue operation begins …

Südpol Verlag

Early Readers

Original title: Detektivbüro Grusel & Co. – Vorsicht! Geister-Kleister

Age 7+
120 pp | € 13
hc | 148 x 210 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Nicolas Gorny
Illustrator: David Füleki

All rights available


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