A kidnapping in the community garden!

Sam Stripe is looking forward to his vacation: Mrs. Beehive is out of town and the community garden is quiet and peaceful – until Victoria shows up, Sam Stripe’s niece. Soon after her arrival, Vicci is kidnapped by Blackcat and her cat-buddy, Daddel. As ransom, the two kidnappers demand Mrs Beehive’s emerald ring. But the ring was stolen!

Vicci finds the ordeal utterly entertaining and turns Daddel with eye shadow and painted claws into a glitter cat. However, Sam Stripe and his friends need to come up with a plan to free Vicci from the clutches of the two cats…

by Uwe Becker

Südpol Verlag | hc | 92 pp | 41 b&w illustrations | 146 x 210 mm | 2017 | 7+

All rights available

[original title: Zipfelmaus und die Glitzerkatze]

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