Lene and Pip are doing an internship with the English doll maker Mr. Smith when he receives a visit from rat boy Paolo, a living rag doll that can even speak! He comes from Mumford Village, a secret place in which the most fabulous and amazing stuffed creatures live. Paolo has bad news: toad Kalle Panowski, Mumford Village’s mayor and his secretary, hare Rasmus, have gone missing!

A suspenseful and dangerous search leads Lene and Pip to a leisure park. They follow the mayor’s trail between fun rides, a Western town and fairy forest and finally succeed in overpowering the unscrupulous owner of the fun park, who wanted to display the toad and hare as living puppets.

by Mascha Matysiak & Angela Komoß

Südpol Verlag | hc | 200 pp | b&w illustrations | 2016 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Die Mumpitze: Der entführte Bürgermeister]

Volume 2 in the series: