The Mega-Monster-Princess-Party

For cool girls only: monster-hilarious reading fun!

Pauline is sick – one day before the birthday party of Lina, her very best friend! Monster uncle Rotzbert knows what to do and takes Pauline to Gully Lane to Mister Wambolin. But his remedy has a devastating effect: Pauline grows arms that look like tentacles! And how on earth is she supposed to attend a princess party in this condition? Pauline is hopping mad! Without further ado, Uncle Rotzbert invites his monster pals and Lina’s birthday guests to be part of a somewhat different sort of princess party…

by Andrea Tholl

Praise for the series:

“… has everything young reader’s hearts desire: Delightful sense of humour, chaotic monsters and a possibly record-breaking pair of smelly socks.” – Buchhandlung Heymann

“Monster-funny!” – Kruschel-Kinderzeitung

“Gloriously smelly, monster-comical reading pleasure.” – Westfälische Nachrichten

“Uncle Snotbert is as green as the Olchis and as adorable as a Gruffelo … perfect reading fun for little and big monster fans.” – Bücherbiene

Südpol Verlag | hc | 92 pp | 41 b&w illustrations | 2017 | 7+

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[original title: Pauline und Onkel Rotzbert: Die megalich-monsterige Prinzessinnenparty]

Volume 1 in the series:

Volume 2 in the series: